Entire 12 weeks' worth of notes compiled from lectures, tutorials, prescribed textbook and further research: - Concepts and model systems in developmental biology - Zebrafish as a model organism - C. elegans as a model organism - Patterning development and modelling human disease in the fly - Analysing developmental genes in mice - Differential gene expression and methods of analysis - Signalling pathways in development - Molecular control of axis formation - ENU mutagenesis - Epigenetic modifications in development - Non-coding RNAs and Hox gene patterning - Development of the limb - Evo-Devo - Somitogenesis and patterning, neural induction - Craniofacial development - Environmental impacts on development - Regulation of morphogenesis I received a HD in this subject using these notes and hopefully you can too!


Semester 1, 2018

53 pages

28,942 words



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