LAWS2017 Final Exam Summary Notes (Distinction) - SEMESTER 2, 2019.

These notes concisely summarise the immense amount of content in the USYD Real Property course. These notes were used in the final exam and resulted in a distinction mark (80+).

As seen in the preview, one of the most useful aspects of these notes is the inclusion of exam-ready scaffolds which will assist in quickly answering problem questions come time for the exam.

Topics covered include:
1. Introduction and Fundamentals of Land Ownership
2. Torrens #1 (Elements; eConveyancing; Indefeasibility)
3. Torrens #2 (Assurance Fund; Unregistered Interests; Caveats; Priority Notices; Sources of Exceptions to Indefeasibility)
4. Torrens #3 (Fraud Exception to Indefeasibility; Personal Equities; R-G’s power of correction; Overriding statutes; Volunteers) Professor Gummow
5. Torrens #5 (Priorities between Unregistered interests)
6. Co-ownership
7. Easements and Profits à Prendre
8. Covenants
9. Leases
10. Mortgages


Semester 2, 2019

61 pages

26,924 words



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