Semester 1, 2018

CLAW1001 - Exam-Ready Summary Notes & Scaffolds - 92HD

125 pages

40,784 words




Extremely detailed and well-structured final exam notes for CLAW1001 with the most recent course content and exam scaffolds. I got a 92 (HD) using these notes in the final exam.

These notes should be all you need in order to navigate the final exam successfully.

Topic List:
1. The Australian Legal System
2. Parliament and Legislation
3. The Courts and the Common Law
4. Contracts I (Offer, Acceptance, Agreement)
5. Contracts II (Intention, Consideration, Estoppel, Capacity, Legality)
6. Contracts III (Terms, Exclusion Clauses, Privity, Termination)
7. Contracts IV (Specific issues in contract)
8. Torts I (Specific torts/Negligence)
9. Torts II (Negligence and Economic Loss)
10. Fair Trading - the ACL & Consumer Guarantees
11. Misleading Conduct - Unconscionable/Unfair conduct
12. Competition Law
13. IP Law