This is the full comprehensive notes for the subject BLAW30002 Taxation Law I which I have completed during the second semester of 2019 at the University of Melbourne. For your information, the final exam for this subject is an open book examination, so you are allowed to bring the textbook as well as additional notes into the examination hall during the final exam. To be honest, you may not have enough time to refer to the textbook in this limited time, therefore a well-prepared set of notes will be very helpful while you sit for the final exam. This notes consist of the following materials:- Topic 1: Introduction to and Administration of the Australian Tax System Topic 2: Tax Payable, Introduction to Income Topic 3: Income from Services Topic 4: Taxation of Fringe Benefits (FBT) Topic 5: Income from Business Topic 6: Income from Property Topic 7: Taxation of Capital Gains Topic 8: Jurisdiction to Tax Topic 9: Deductions Topic 10: Taxation of Partnerships, Trusts and Companies Topic 11: Goods and Services Tax *I have achieved a H1 (93%) in this subject. Hope you enjoy Taxation Law and have a nice day ahead! :)


Semester 2, 2019

33 pages

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