This is the full comprehensive notes for the subject BLAW20001 Corporate Law which I have completed during the first semester of 2019 at the University of Melbourne. It consists of the complete lecture notes from lecture 1 to lecture 11 (there is no material examinable in lecture 12 as it is a revision lecture). Some students may wish to summarize the notes by topics but I prefer arranging them by lectures as it is easier to understand as the semester goes.

For your information, the final exam for this subject is an open book examination, so you are allowed to bring the textbook as well as additional notes into the examination hall during the final exam. To be honest, you may not have enough time to refer to the textbook in this limited time, therefore a well-prepared set of notes will be very helpful while you sit for the final exam.

This notes consist of the following materials:-

Week 1 - Introduction to the subject
Week 2 - Setting up companies and disclosure requirements
Week 3 - Decision making in companies
Week 4 - Member meetings, decision-making and members' rights and statutory remedies
Week 5 - Enforcement and introduction to duties
Week 6 - Company directors' and officers' duties
Week 7 - Good faith and proper purpose
Week 8 - Duty to avoid conflicts of interest
Week 9 - Dividends and capital maintenance
Week 10 - Protecting shareholders' votes
Week 11 - Transacting by companies
Week 12 - Revision

*I have achieved a H1 in this subject. Hope you enjoy Corporate Law and have a nice day ahead! :)


Semester 1, 2019

45 pages

23,704 words


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