These notes cover every topic covered and assessed throughout the entirety of the unit including: Chapter 1: The Nature and Importance of Contract Chapter 2: Contract Formation Chapter 3: Certainty and Conditional Agreements Chapter 4: Consideration Chapter 5: Intent to Create Contractual Relations Chapter 6: Capacity Chapter 7: Formalities Chapter 8: Privity Chapter 9: The Terms of a Contract Chapter 10: Construction and Classification of Terms Chapter 11: Exclusion Clauses Chapter 12: Misleading or Deceptive Conduct Chapter 13: Mistake Chapter 14: Duress Chapter 15: Undue Influence Chapter 16: Unconscionable Conduct Chapter 17: Unfair Terms Chapter 18: Illegality and Public Policy Chapter 19: Performance Chapter 20: Termination by Agreement Chapter 21: Termination by Breach Chapter 22: Termination by Frustration Chapter 23: Damages and Liquidated Claims Chapter 24: Equitable Remedies These notes were made using the prescribed textbook as well as the lectures and the tutorial questions provided throughout the entire trimester. The notes contain both the appropriate legislation used in this unit and the appropriate cases (which are in red for easy reading and spotting in exams). This was the only thing i needed to bring into my exam which enabled me to get a high distinction.


Trimester 1, 2019

136 pages

48,651 words



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