This is my complete study notes for Hubs1406 from 2019. They are extremely comprehensive, detailed and easy to read. They cover every week (2-12) and at the end I have included a table of prefix, suffix and word roots that you will find helpful. Topics include: Week 2 - The Molecules of Life (basic chemistry) Week 3 - Control That Cell (basic biology/cells) Week 4 - The River of life (blood) Week 5 - The Machine that Repairs Itself (tissues) Week 6 & 7 - Control, Communication & Protection (Nervous and endocrine systems) Week 8 - Reproduction Week 9 - Circulatory System Week 10 - Respiratory System Week 11 - Digestion & Metabolism Week 12 - Urinary System I worked very hard in this subject and ended up scoring 97% as my final mark. Hopefully with the help of these notes you'll do just as well.


Semester 1, 2019

168 pages

35,156 words



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