Study Notes from HUBS1416 Advanced Human Bioscience - Newcastle University Semester 2, 2019. These notes are extremely detailed. They easy to read and written in a way that should help you learn the subject. They cover all lectures and lectorials (questions and answers), as well as some practice quiz questions and answers. Topics covered: Week 1 - Introduction to the nervous system Week 2 - The Peripheral Nervous System Week 3 - The Central Nervous System Week 4 - Pharmacology Introduction Week 5 - Pharmacology of Major Drug Classes Week 6 - Introduction to Microbiology Week 7 - Microbiology 2: Infection Control & Prevention Week 8 - Introduction to Immunology Week 9 - Immunology 2 Week 10 - Introduction to Genetics Week 11 - Genetics 2: Inheritance Patterns and Genetic Testing Disclaimer: These are the notes I made while studying for this subject. Every effort has been made to ensure they are correct. However, I cannot guarantee they are 100% error free. In saying that I studied from these and I got an overall mark of 95%. I had to spend a lot of time making these notes and if I had them already done I could have spent more time memorising them and would have got an even better mark.


Semester 2, 2019

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