Hi everyone,

I scored a HD on the LAW4704 law exam thanks to these set of notes. These templates set out a step-by-step structure you can follow for any exam problem. They are also interlaced with one-line fact analogies from cases which you can mention quickly and which signal to your examiner that you've read the cases.

These notes also contain an incredibly helpful issue spotting guide (2 pages), which list all the issues you will have to discuss, including the less obvious ones, when you spot an issue.

There is also an A4 poster of the tax formula, which includes details of every aspect of the course, to help you visualise and understand the course.

Topics include:

- Income Tax
- Ordinary Income
- Statutory Income
- Exempt Income & NANE
- General Deductions
- Specific Deductions
- Provisions denying/limiting deductions
- Depreciating Assets
- Balancing Adjustment
- Trading Stock
- Companies
- Superannuation

Please note, whilst the laws are likely the same and my notes will offer you an excellent guide on the principles, figures in highly political areas of taxation law superannuation, can change from year to year, so you would be wise to check.

Best of luck!


Semester 1, 2019

68 pages

20,694 words



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