EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO GET HD in ECON1101 I have HD all my courses yet and am on the UNSW Business School Dean's List. These notes are essential to get an HD!!!. The textbook is long and has poor explanations, all of which these notes solve!!! The notes contain: CHAPTER 1: COMPARTIVE ADVANTAGE CHAPTER 2: SUPPLY (PERFECTLY COMPETITIVE MARKET) CHAPTER 3 – DEMAND IN A PERFECTLY COMPETITIVE MARKET CHAPTER 4 – DEMAND AND SUPPLY (AN EQUILIBRIUM ANALYSIS) CHAPTER 5 – Government Intervention CHAPTER 6 – International Trade CHAPTER 7: MONOPOLY CHAPTER 8: OLIGOPOLY CHAPTER 9 – EXTERNALITIES CHAPTER 10 – PUBLIC GOODS


Term 1, 2019

16 pages

6,108 words



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