Semester 1, 2019

PHYL3732- Prac Exam Notes

14 pages

4,882 words



Comprehensive notes for PHYL3732 Practical Exam. Handy to use during practical classes and in the exam.

Covers all three physiological tests:
- Lactate Threshold (2 pgs)
- Stress ECG (3 pgs)
- VO2 max (4 pgs)

Notes include step by step process to conduct all tests, set out in sections (pre-test, test, post-test).
Also includes scripts for pre-test requirements, test explainations and feedback.

Additional resources included are:
- Time adjustment clockface for lactate threshold test (1 pg)
- D-max calculation guide (1 pg)
- ECG interpretation guide (1 pg)
- ECG theory notes (1 pg)
- VO2 normative data for males and females (1 pg)
- Training zones table (included in feedback sections)
- Images where necessary

14 pgs in total
4882 words