Semester 2, 2017

NEUR2530- Final Exam Revision Notes

14 pages

4,763 words




Very useful for final exam.

These topics are covered briefly:
1. Constraints
2. Sensory contributions to movement control- muscle receptors (afferents)
3. Vestibular system
4. Sensor-Motor Integration- Spinal reflexes
5. The Visual System and Motor Control
6. Balance and Posture
These topics are covered in more detail as the final exam has a greater focus on them:
7. Control of Rhythmic Movement- CPGs
8. Voluntary Movement- Overview
9. Cortical Control of Movement- M1
10. Cortical Control of Movement- Secondary motor areas
11. Basal Ganglia and Movement Control
12. The Cerebellum
13. Introduction to Learning and Memory
14. Cellular Basis of Motor Learning
15. Approaching Motor Learning in Practical Contexts
16. Structure of Practice
17. Generalisation and Transfer
18. Augmented Feedback