Semester 1, 2019

Extremely detailed yet easy to follow notes from a DISTINCTION Student

45 pages

10,835 words




These notes helped me study the mid semester in class test, deepened my understanding of important concepts in order to apply them to the assignment (of which I got 100%) and ultimately, helped me immensely in my preparation for the final exam.

These notes are summarized from tutorials, hints and tips given by the tutor, lectures (both what was written in lecture slides and what was verbally said by the lecturer) and the assigned textbook.

Topics which are covered in these notes include:
Week 1 - Intro to the Regulatory Environment
Week 2 and 3 - Income Tax
Week 4 - Accounting for PPE
Week 5 - Accounting for Intangibles and Impairment
Week 6 - Accounting for Leases
Week 7 - Revenue and Statement of Comprehensive Income
Week 8 - Statement of Financial Position and Statement of Changes in Equity
Week 9 and 10 - Cashflows
Week 11 - Alternative Reporting Framework
Week 12 - Company Reporting (Equity and Debt Financing)