Semester 1, 2018

Extremely Detailed, high quality STAT150 Notes from a HD Student

18 pages

3,019 words




These notes helped me significantly in the final exam, throughout the weekly quizzes and in the two In-Class quizzes. This is a build on unit whereby you will find it almost impossible to progress to the next week without a thorough understanding of the lecture content and so detailed notes are extremely important. With these notes, I got a personal letter from the Unit Convenor recommending that I major in Decision Science.

These notes have been collated from the textbook, hints and tips given in tutorials and practicals, lecture notes and the lecturer herself. These notes cover all the main points of the Lectures 1 - 12.

More specifically subheadings in the document include:
Types of Studies
Data Classification
Fences (outliers)
How can data be presented
Describing data
Binominal Distribution
Finding Normal Distribution of:
- “Bell-Shaped” Distribution
- Z-Score
- Probability/Proportion under Normal Distribution
Estimating Proportions
- Success/Failure Condition
- Standard Error of sample proportion
- Using
- Sample Statistic
Confidence Intervals
- 𝝈 is known
- 𝝈 is unknown
Distribution of Sample Mean
- Normal Distribution
- Non-Normal Distribution
- Finding Probability of Non-Normal Distribution
- Central Limit Theory
Hypothesis Tests
- T-Test
- Paired Test
- 2 Sample T-Test
- Simple Linear Regression
- Testing for a linear relationship
- One sample z test of Population Proportion
- Chi Squared Goodness of Fit
- Test of Independence
- Test of Homogeneity

Please note: these notes focus mainly on the hypothesis tests as does the final exam and 2 in class quizzes.