Semester 1, 2018

Comprehensive week 7-13 lecture notes

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Topics covered:
Week 7 exercise in hot and cold environments; exercise in altitude: heat transfer and regulation, hyperthermia and prevention, cold stress, windchill, critical temperature theory and complications of high altitude training.
Week 8 sprint metabolism and interval training: causes of fatigue, characteristics of sprinters, metabolic byproducts and substrate depletion and Laursen and Jenkins 2002 reading main points.
Week 9 - midsemester break
Week 10 resistance training: stretch induced hypertrophy, adaptations in resistance training (neural and physiological), optimal length, repeat-bout effect and types of resistance training.
Week 11 female, young and older adults: menstrual disturbances, training adaptations, resistance training for children, quality of muscle with age (sarcopenia and related effects) and resistance training for older adults.
Week 12 Nutrition and exercise performance: types of nutrients, carbohydrates, factors for fatigue, glycogen loading, glycemic index, fat and its effect on performance, protein and biological value of proteins, whey protein, fluid intake (hyponatremia) and replacement, caffiene and side effects, HMB and glycerol.
Week 13 ergonegic aids: alkalising agents, beta-alanine (including current research), beetroot juice with properies and side effects, relevant information on compounds like glutamine and creatine monohydrate




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