I was able to achieve 90% in the week 1-6 mid-semester exam by using these notes. I have included all of the additional lecture review points, ways to remember certain concepts, step-by-step calculations for maths-related questions and relevant diagrams for a comprehensive review of the material. Topics covered: - Week 1: ADG, NRVs, AGHE, digestion and absorption and related diseases - Week 2: Coeliac disease - Week 3: Carbohydrates (including enzymes, types of carbohydrates, glycemic index with worked examples and regulation of blood glucose levels) - Week 4: Proteins (essential vs non essential, digestion and absorption, protein quality, trans- and de-amination) - Week 5: Lipids (essential fatty acids, functions, types of cholesterol, digestion, absorption and transport, related diseases, enterohepatic circulation, recommendations and ketones) - Week 6: Water and alcohol (dehydration and hyperhydration and associated effects, RAS system for regulation of fluids, electrolytes, alcohol metabolism pathways, % calculations and blood alcohol levels)


Semester 1, 2017

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