Detailed notes of the entire course NOT an exam summary.

Introduction to Corporations - Key business structures (sole trader, partnership, company)
Consequences of Incorporation - Separate Legal Entity , Exceptions to SLE principle, Groups and the SLE doctrine
What is the Corporate Constitution? - Altering the Constitution , Alteration of rights attaching to shares, Variation of Class Rights
How do companies deal with money? - Agency (Actual, Apparent, S128 and S129)
How do companies enter transactions? - Share and Debt Capital (Maintenance of Share Capital), Dividends
Division on Power - Shareholder powers, Corporate Governance
Directors Duties - Duty of Care, Duty of Good Faith, Fiduciary Duties, S182 and S183, S191-S196, S588G
Remedies - Statutory Civil + Criminal Provisions, Relief
Shareholders Rights and Remedies - Oppression , Statutory Derivative Action, Injunction, Winding Up
How do companies come to an end? - Liquidation, Voluntary administration
Voidable transactions - Unfair preference, Uncommerical transactions, unfair loans, unreasonable director related transactions


Semester 1, 2019

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