Very detailed HD notes that go into every part of the course from Weeks 4-12 (Weeks 1-3 were not examined).

The material covered in this course includes:
• The nature, function, and history of Australian public law;
• Fundamental public law concepts and doctrines, notably liberalism, federalism,
representative and responsible government, the rule of law, parliamentary supremacy,
separation of powers, judicial independence and judicial review;
• The various modes of Australian public law, including constitutions, statutes, common law
and constitutional conventions at the Commonwealth, State, and Territory levels;
• The mechanisms for constitutional change;
• The three arms of government: the legislature, the executive and the judiciary – the power
invested in each, and the ways in which the exercise of such power is limited and checked;
• The structures of Australian parliaments and electoral systems;
• The structures of the executive government and the exercise and control of executive
• The Australian judicial system and the nature of judicial power.

The Legislature I: Constitutional Disputes Concerning
the Structure and Election of Australian Parliaments
The Legislature II: Legislative Power and State
The Legislature III: Limitations on Legislative Power:
Delegation and Abdication of Legislative Power
The Legislature IV: The Courts and Parliament:
Judicial Intervention in Legislative and Parliamentary

The Executive I: The Structure of the Executive & the
Nature and Content of Executive Power
The Executive II: Executive Power (Prerogative &
The Executive III: (Spending)

The Judiciary I: The Nature and Separation of Judicial
The Judiciary II: Judicial Adjustment of the Separation
of Judicial Power


Semester 2, 2017

102 pages

42,734 words



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