Semester 1, 2018

CRIM2000 Exam Prep Notes

13 pages

7,921 words



Topics separated into weeks, each with definition and some with a detailed explanation of graphs (marked 'with graph') - information from lectures and textbook.
Rationality and attitude to risk
Risk Neutral
Risk Averse
Risk Seeking
Risk Continued
Risk Aversion and Decision to Offend (with graph)
Response of Risk Averse to Changing Expected Sanctions (with graph)
Risk Seeking and Decision to Offend (with graph)
Response to Risk Seekers to Changing Sanctions (with graph)
Freeman, Grogger and Sonstelie (1996) note
Neighbourhood Crime Model (with graph)
As the number of offenders in an area increases, the probability of conviction decreases – why? (with graph)
Neighbourhood Crime Model – Different Levels of Police effort (with graph)
Effects of a neighbourhood street gang (with graph)
The Self-Enforcement Model (with graph)
The Self-Enforcement Model With Temporary Police Action (with graph)
Cooperative equilibrium
Dominant strategy equilibrium
Nash equilibrium
Pure v/s Mixed Strategies
A Nash equilibrium in pure strategies
A Nash equilibrium in mixed strategies
How to solve mixed strategies- driver/ police example
Statistical Problems in Testing Determinants of Crime Rates
Testing the economics of crime model:
Errors in Variable Bias
Omitted variables Bias
Simultaneous equation bias
Instrumental variables
Separating the Effects of Time Spent in Prison on Crime
Simultaneous Equation Bias
Natural Experiments ‘
Direct Testing for Incapacitation Effects on Crime - Problems with this Equation
Why does juvenile crime need special attention?
Deterrence and the supply of juvenile crime
Neighbourhood location and crime
Problems with study
Broken windows hypothesis
Market for drugs with sanctions on dealers and users (with graph)
Economic behind criminalizing a psychoactive substance
Using the market for crime model to analyze taxation versus criminalization (with graph)
Benefit/cost analysis of the choice of taxation versus criminalization (with graph) - 2 examples