Semester 1, 2018

[90+] OOSD Revision Notes

16 pages

2,736 words



This Note for Object Oriented Software Development is used for revision purposes. It contains all lecture+tutorial topics from week 1 to week 12. Note was made using markdown and followed the course structure.

Topics include:
* Strings
* I/O
* Arrays
* Methods
* Classes and Objects
* Privacy
* Inheritance
* Polymorphism and Abstract Classes
* Interfaces
* Unified Modelling Language
* Generics
* Exceptions
* Software Testing and Design
* Design Patterns
* Advanced Java and OOP Concepts
* Games

The notes is quite compact, and it covers all examinable materials including lectures and workshops.

I used this note to get 90% in final exam. It is a detailed summary of key points to study for. Spending a week on it to get Easy H1 :)




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