Semester 2, 2017

[H1] Database Systems Complete Notes

42 pages

9,576 words




This notes contains all lecture and tutorial topics from week 1 to week 12. It is a full summary of the course, with examples illustrated.

Topics include:
* Database introduction
* Conceptual design
* ER modelling, relationship explanation
* SQL with a lot of practice questions and explanation
* Logical design
* Physical design, with numerous diagrams illustrated
* Enhanced ER modelling
* Transactions
* Normalisations, different NF
* Data Warehousing
* Relational Algebra such as projection, difference, union, cartesian product
* Database Administrtation
* Query Optimization, including indexing, cost calculation, joining
* NoSQL and star diagram
* Ethical issues

I used this note to achieve H1 in the subject and it is definitely useful for exam preparation. DB course structure doesn't change a lot in recent years so this ought to be a good reference book :)




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