I made these notes using all lecture material, and readings (including from the Bouton textbook 'Learning and Behaviour') for the Conditioning topic (Justin's lectures). Studying with my extensive notes will enable you to get a mark like mine or higher!! These notes are extremely detailed and provide you with all the information you need for this topic in the final exam and tutorial quizzes. Note: the lecture content and final exams for PSYC3011 and PSYC3911 are identical so these notes would be perfect for students completing either stream of Learning and Behaviour. Lecture topics included in these notes: Lecture 6 – The content of conditioning Lecture 7 – The conditions for conditioning: What are the necessary and sufficient conditions for learning? Lecture 8 – Contingency Lecture 9 – Models of conditioning: The Mackintosh model, and introduction to the Rescorla-Wagner model Lecture 10 – Rescorla-Wagner models of conditioning Lecture 11 – Extinction of conditioning: The Rescorla-Wagner model’s take on extinction and where the model falls short Lecture 12 – Inhibition: What is inhibition and how is it acquired according the Rescorla-Wagner model? What is its relationship to extinction? Lecture 13 – Latent inhibition: What is latent inhibition? What is its relationship to conditioned inhibition or extinction? How can it be explained? These lecture notes include detailed information on how to do Rescorla-Wagner model questions for different experimental paradigms ( blocking, overshadowing etc.), which is very important for the tutorial quiz.


Semester 1, 2018

22 pages

8,234 words



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