Mid-semester exam notes - content from week 1-6. Perfect for cramming!! Notes organised by week with assigned readings and ER in the news articles. I have made these detailed notes using all assessable content for the course - online modules, lecture slides, lecturer comments and examples, required readings of journal articles and news articles, and the textbook. All the important information for the mid semester exam. Topics in my notes according to the week they were taught 1. Introduction to employment relations 2. Employment relations and the changing context 3. Employment relations theories and workplace conflict 4. Writing critical essays 5. The State 6. Employers and employee associations Notes for the required readings assessable in the mid semester exam are also included in these notes 1. Barry, M., and You, K. (2018). Employer and employer association matters in Australia in 2017 2. Bray, M. (2018). Workplace Cooperation and the Potential for Mutual Gains 3. Findlay, P., and Thompson, P. (2017). Contemporary work: Its meanings and demands 4. Gahan, P., Pekarek, A., and Nicholson, D. (2018). Unions and collective bargaining in Australia in 2017


Semester 1, 2018

43 pages

16,138 words



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