These notes are for the MSTs and exam of this subject and it is part 2 due to file size constraints on this website.

I have combined all important information on the online lectures including what the lecturers said but were not on the slides. I only studied these notes for the MSTs and final exam and got an H1 (90%).

Topics Included:
Week 1 - Welfare Introduction
Week 2 - Housing of Animals
Week 3 - Measurement of Animal Welfare - Physiology and Health
Week 4 - Measurement of Animal Welfare - Environment and Social
Week 5 - Welfare Husbandry Procedures and Regulation of Animal Welfare
Week 6 - Introduction of Animal Breeding and Quantitative Genetics

I know that doing this subject you want to get into Doctor of Veterinary Medicine! I successfully got into the degree via the undergraduate science pathway so my notes would be reliable for your use to study for the MSTs and final exam.


Semester 2, 2018

46 pages

14,736 words



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