Semester 1, 2018

H1 (91%) Foundations of Animal Health Notes Part 2

53 pages

16,728 words




These notes are for the MSTs and exam of this subject and it is part 2 due to file size constraints on this website.

I have combined all important information on the online lectures including what the lecturers said but were not on the slides. I only studied these notes for the MSTs and final exam and got an H1 (91%).

Topics Included:
Week 7 - Environmental Effects on Animals
Week 8 - Toxins
Week 9 - Toxins as Agents of Disease in Domestic Animals
Week 10 - Identifying Cause of Disease and Evaluating Treatment
Week 11 - Introduction to Understanding Normal Behaviour
Week 12 - Behaviors of Small Animals when Interacting with Humans

I know that doing this subject you want to get into Doctor of Veterinary Medicine! I successfully got into the degree via the undergraduate science pathway so my notes would be reliable for your use to study for the MSTs and final exam.