Full set of FIT1008 Introduction to Computer Science Notes covering all Topics. Lecture 2-4 MIPS Architecture+Assembly Programming+Decisions Lecture 5-7 Iteration+Arrays+Memory in MIPS Lecture 8-9 Function in MIPS (I)+(II) Lecture 10-12 Complexity+Sorting+Testing_Expectations Lecture 13-15 ADT, Classes and Objects, Variables and Scoping Lecture 16-18 Lists, Stacks & Queues, Linked Stacks Lecture 19-21 Linked Queues, Linked Lists, Iterators Lecture 22-23 Recursion, Iteration vs Recursion Lecture 24-26 Recursive Sorting and Complexity, Dynamic Programming Lecture 27-29 Hash Tables & Collision Resolution Lecture 30-32 Binary Trees, Traversals, Binary Search Trees Lecture 33-35 Priority Queues+Heaps


Semester 1, 2018

128 pages

10,339 words



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