Full Set Notes covering all topics covered in the unit
Week 1: Introduction to Mobile Applications
Week 2: Android Components, API Levels, Fragmentation, and Backward/Forward Compatibility
Week 3: Android Activity Lifecycles, Instance State, Persistent Data, Intents
Week 4: Simple UIs & Layouts (Constraint layout, XML, Screen Size & Resolution, Views, ViewGroups)
Week 5: Advanced UI Design (FAB, Snackbar, App Bar, Options Menu, NavBar, Toast)
Week 6: Advanced UI Design II (RecyclerView, CardView, Fragments, Resource Selection & Managing Alternate Resources
Week 7: Databases PART 1 (SQLite)
Week 8: Databases PART 2, Content Providers and Firebase Database
Week 9: Google Maps API, Web Services, WebView UI component, AsyncTasks Class, JSON Format
Week 10: App Bar & Options Menu Recap, String Array Resources, Touch Processing, Canvas Recap, App Bar Icons
Week 11: Touch Processing + Gestures Detection Continued


Semester 2, 2018

79 pages

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