Semester 2, 2018

Full Notes for PSYC1020

71 pages

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Completed notes for weeks 1-13 for psyc1020, including all lecture material and notes from all tutorials. Colour co-ordinated and set out week by week for ease of navigation. Also split into part A of the lecture (cognitive psychology) and part B (biological). All accompanied with appropriate case studies, diagrams and extra information

Topics (A): history and paradigms, methods of psychology, memory, attention, learning, problem solving and decision making.

Topics (B): brain anatomy and brain mapping, the brainstem (cerebellum, consciousness and movement), neurons (action potentials), neuron synapses (neuron intergration), brain mapping tools and techniques, sensation and perception, brain laterality (left vs right brain), attention and executive control (frontal and parietal lobes), mirror neurons (social neuroscience) and neuron synapses (neuron integration).




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