Semester 1, 2018

Study Notes for Contract Law I

36 pages

6,718 words



Completed notes with included case summaries from weeks 1-13 for Contract Law I in palm card study note form. Colour co-ordinated for ease of learning and to break up topics.

Topics included: general terms, completeness, essential and non-essential terms, conditions, intention to create legal relations, consideration (past, present and pre-existing duties), accord vs satisfaction, promissory estoppel (all elements), formalities (property law act, writing requirements, the joinder doctrine, signature, part performance and estoppel), identification of express terms, warranty not mere representation, parol evidence rule, collateral contract, implied terms, implication in law (common law and statute), statutory obligations (guarantees), interpretation of contract, discrete rules, rules of thumb, seriousness of breach and unfair terms (ACL)




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