1. Separate Legal Personality
2. Implications of a Corporation’s Separate Legal Personality
3. Corporate Constitution and Decision Making by Board of Directors
4. Decision Making by the General Meeting (Chapter )
5. Contracts with Outsiders
6. Directors Duties (Part )
Directors’ duty of care
Care and diligence
Business judgment rule
Directors’ duty to act in good faith and for a proper purpose
Directors’ duty to avoid conflicts
Directors’ duty not to make secret profits and divert corporate opportunity
Statutory disclosure obligations
Restrictions on indemnities
Related party transactions (Chapter 2E)
Directors’ statutory duty to prevent insolvent trading
7. Shareholders’ remedies
Shareholder’s Remedies on the Contract of the Company Constitution
Shareholders Statutory Rights
Shareholder’s Rights in Equitable Doctrine
Shareholders’ Statutory Derivative Action
Winding up
8. ASIC Corporate Regulation
Enforcement of officers’ duties (Part )
Disqualification from managing companies (Part )
Corporate Criminality
9. Review by an examination of corporate groups


Semester 2, 2017

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