Autumn session, 2016

Integrating Business Perspectives Study Notes - DISTINCTION LEVEL

33 pages

12,671 words



- 33 pages of in-depth notes taken in both lectures and tutorials throughout the course
- Colour-coded with definitions, case studies and references
- Easy to read, nicely formatted notes that helped me achieve an excellent mark in this subject

• Business Model Concept
• Design Thinking
• The Law, The Legal System and Business Structure
• The Role of Accounting in Business
• Creating Value
• Delivering Value
• Pitching a Feasible and Viable Business Idea
• Contracts – Legally Binding Agreements & Terms of the Contract
• Intellectual Property
• Consumer Protection
• Business in a Value Chain Context
• Communicating and Reporting Value
• The Legality of the Business Model and Your Values
• The Strategy of Innovation
• Subject Review and Exams
• Exam Preparation and Future Opportunities to Grow