Semester 2, 2018

Concise scaffolds + notes

44 pages

9,861 words




These notes cover the following topics from Weeks 1 to 13:
- Course overview and introduction to marketing strategy,
- External Analysis,
- Market/submarket Analysis, Environmental and strategic analyses,
- Internal analysis and Strategic Philosophies,
- Creating Advantage: Customer Value Leadership, Value Propositions,
- Building and Managing Customer Relationships, Creating Valuable Customers,
- Building and Managing Brand Equity, Toward a strong Brand Relationship,
- Energising the Business, Leveraging the Business
- Creating new Business,
- Global Strategies,
- Guest lecture: Sustainability, shared value and the purpose of business, and
- Harnessing the organisation.
They cover key concepts in an easy-to-read manner, usually listing a concept, elaborating it and then providing an example (where applicable). The notes condense materials taught during lectures by spelling out components and factors clearly.