Semester 2, 2018

MKTG2112 Textbook & Lecture Notes - Distinction

69 pages

30,000 words



All 11 weeks of content (omitting 1 week of subject review & 1 week for mid-semester exam) - I've found lecture notes have been very sparing in terms of detail so have merged the extensive textbook notes with the corresponding lectures.
1. Introduction to Consumer Behaviour
2. Decision Process I: Situation & Problem
3. Decision Process II: Search, Evaluate & Select
4. Decision Process III: Purchase & Post Purchase
5. Internal Influences I: Perception
6. Internal Influences II: Learning & Memory
7. Internal Influences III: Motivation & Personality
8. Internal Influences IV: Attitudes & Attitude Change
9. External Influences I: Demographics & Households
10. External Influences II: Groups & Communication
11. External Influences.
Trust me, this will save you SO much time as it has only the essential theories and examples needed for the
Summaries at end of each section of each chapter.




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