Semester 2, 2018

H1 (96) Principles of Business Law Notes

54 pages

15,819 words




Detailed but concise set of notes that can help you achieve your H1!

- Nature and Function of Law
- Legislation as Source of Law
- Case Law
- Contract Formation: Legally Binding Contracts
- Contractual Performance, Breach and Discharge
- Remedies for Breach of Contract
- Vitiating Factors
- Australian Consumer Law
- Tort Law
- Agency Law

Included in the notes are the cases, additional readings, e-tutes and lectures just in case you miss anything! Don't bother with property law as it isn't examined.

There is also a cheat-sheet available available for purchase separately if you don't want to make one yourself (it's time consuming).

GL with that elusive H1!