Semester 2, 2018

Principles of Business Law Cheat Sheet(H1: 95) 2018 Sem 2

2 pages

5,315 words




To ALL who is interested in taking BLAW10001: Principles of Business Law,

BLAW focuses on two elements:
1) the principle and logic of the law
2) the case studies which are examples which illustrate how the principles are being used.
The textbook includes all case studies, including those not mentioned in the lecture slides. However, only selected case studies from the textbook will be tested (This will be mentioned by the coordinator in the first week).

This is my personal cheat sheet that I made in preparation for the exam. BLAW is amazing because it allows students to take in a 2 page cheat sheet into the examination. As there are more than a 100 case studies to remember, students generally put in the names of case studies and the general principles/reasoning behind the verdict of that particular case.

This cheat sheet contain ALL the SELECTED studies listed by the coordinator. It is arranged according to chapters, not alphabetically because that is personally more easier for me to match the case studies to the chapter.

Initially, it was done alphabetically however I felt more comfortable reformatting according to chapters because I better associated the cases to the topics which they are covered under.

In addition to the case studies, there is also general principles of each chapter as some chapter focuses more on principles than cases.

I enjoyed BLAW because every principle is logical and we have experienced many of those principles in our daily lives. There are two 10% online assessments in week 4 and 8 and I lost a few percent in those assessments. However, I was adequately prepared for the final 80% examination and obtained 95 in the end. (2018 Semester 2- Latest Semester)

Feel free to ask me any questions about BLAW, it can be taken in both semesters. I am also selling my comprehensive notes which I used to study for BLAW! Just check my profile to find it!

The Cheat sheet is a summary of all the topics tested.
Topic List:
All Chapters tested in BLAW:
1. Nature and Function of Law
2. Legislation as Source of Law
3. Case Law
4. Contract Formation: Legally Binding Contracts
5. Contractual Performance, Breach and Discharge
6. Remedies for Breach of Contract
7. Vitiating Factors
8. Australian Consumer Law
9. Tort Law
10. Agency Law