Semester 1, 2018

Intellectual Property Notes - HD

161 pages

89,086 words




I received a HD in the assignment and in the overall subject.

These notes are a compilation of lecture materials, cases, legislation, the study guide and weekly readings. The notes cover all topics that are assessed in the exam (Copyright, Patents and Designs Law) as well as the assignment topic (Trade Marks Law). Throughout the notes there are summaries and analyses of cases, legislation, examples and tips for the exam and assignment.

I have also included very helpful Answer Guides at the end of the notes which take you through a step by step process and roadmap of answering exam questions -- which are incredibly helpful for studying for the exam as well as during the exam!

Topic List:
Trade Marks Law
1. Registrability
2. Ownership, Opposition, Rights & Infringement

Copyright Law
3. Copyright Subsistence
4. Ownership & Transmission
5. Rights & Infringement
6. Defences
7. Actions & Remedies

8. Concepts
9. Validity
10. Infringement

Designs Law
11. Registered Designs




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