Semester 2, 2017

Social Psychology Exam Notes

56 pages

12,306 words




Extremely detailed exam notes that have both lecture and tutorial content. I only used those notes for my exam study and I achieved a really high mark. The notes are well organised and cover the units content thoroughly.
The notes include:
Week 1: Introduction to Social Psychology
Week 2: Social Cognition
Week 3: Perceiving Others
Week 4: The Self
Week 5: Attitudes and Attitude Change
Week 6: Persuasion and Social Influence
Week 7: Mid-semester break
Week 8: Stereotypes and Prejudice, and Discrimination
Week 9: Session Break
Week 10: Intergroup Relations
Week 11: Aggression
Week 12: Prosocial Behaviour
Week 13: Interpersonal Attraction and Close Relationships
Week 14: Cross-Cultural and Indigenous Psychology

These are all the weekly unit material that are covered in the notes. Good luck with your exams




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