Lecture 1: Administration
Lecture 2: Habituation and Sensitization
Lecture 3 Part 1: Classical Conditioning
Lecture 3 Part 2: Classical Conditioning- Measuring Conditioning
Lecture 3 Part 3: Classical Conditioning- Variables that Influence Learning
Lecture 3 Part 4: Classical Conditioning- More Variables the Influence Learning
L4. Classical conditioning 2: Connectionism and Learning
L5. Classical conditioning 3: Applications.
L6. Operant conditioning 1: The Basics.
L7. Operant conditioning 2: Reinforcement and Punishment.
L8. Operant conditioning 3: Applications
L10. Learning and Abnormal Behaviour
L11. Behavior Modification, Behaviour Therapy, and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.
Lecture 12: Behavioral Economics and Habit Learning
L13: Learning and Addiction
L14. What Learning Can Tell us about Effective Study Methods


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