Semester 1, 2018

H1 Summary Notes (Lectures 2-36)

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These notes have absolutely every bit of information you need to achieve an H1!! Used for MSTs and the final exam.
Week 1-12
Cellular components of the brain
Modulation of membrane potential
Action potentials: Axon Initial Segment and the Nodes of Ranvier
Cellular basis of sensory transduction -mechanoreceptors
Special sensory transduction mechanisms
Measurement of neuronal activity
Enteric Nervous System
Neuropsychiatry and gut
Focus on disease: Gut microbiome
Introduction to metabotropic receptors
Modulation of neuronal function by metabotropic receptors
Presynaptic processes - VGCC, vesicular release, presynaptic proteins
Presynaptic processes - axonal transport and structural neuronal polarity
The post-synaptic density
Synaptic strength
Maintenance of the neuron and synapse- neurotrophins
Mathematical modelling of neurons
Autonomic nervous system
Viscerosensory afferents
Synaptic /Sensory processing in the NTS
Neural stem cells and neurogenesis
Neurogenesis in the ANS
Respiratory system: rhythm generation, network organisation
Modulation of respiratory rhythm
Respiratory sympathetic coupling