Trimester 2, 2018

LSSU251 Notes

95 pages

42,117 words




These notes are a comprehensive summary of LSSU251 compiled from lectures, lecture notes, and textbook readings.

I received an HD in this unit with a mark of 91, so these are notes are very high quality. They explain complex legal ideas, while explaining them succinctly, and also contains an explanation and application of all relevant statutes and common law cases particular to this unit.

Given that the final examination for this unit is an open book exam, these notes are an invaluable tool to take into the exam with you.

Topics covered in these notes include:
Topic 1 - The Australian Legal System and Business Structures
Topic 2- An Overview of the Law of Torts
Topic 3 - Negligence
Topic 4 - Contracts I - Formation (Agreement, Intention & Consideration)
Topic 5 - Contracts II - Genuine Consent, Enforceability, Capacity, Illegality and Formality.
Topic 6 - Contracts III - Terms, Interpretation, Discharge and Remedies
Topic 7 - Consumer Law I - Consumer Guarantees, Misleading or Deceptive Conduct, Unconscionable Conduct, Liability and Remedies
Topic 8 - Consumer Law II - Competition Law and Sale of Goods
Topic 9 - Electronic Commerce
Topic 10 - Finance Law and Bankruptcy
Topic 11 - Insurance Law