Trimester 2, 2018

AFM275 Notes

72 pages

30,389 words




These notes are a comprehensive summary of AFM275 compiled from lectures, lecture notes, and textbook readings.

I received an HD in this unit with a mark of 87, so these are notes are very high quality. They simplify complicated ideas, while explaining them succinctly. They will be beneficial to any student undertaking this unit, as this unit contains a lot of content, which is all assessable in the final exam.

Topics covered in these notes include:
Topic 1 - Introduction to Accounting Information Systems
Topic 2 - Business Processes
Topic 3 - Database Concepts I
Topic 4 - Database Concepts II
Topic 5 - Systems Development
Topic 6 - Technological Concepts
Topic 7 - Systems Mapping and Documentation
Topic 8 - Internal Controls I
Topic 9 - Internal Controls II
Topic 10 - Systems Issues
Topic 11 - Computer Crime, Fraud, Ethics and Privacy