Trimester 2, 2018

AFM211 Notes

35 pages

11,392 words




These notes are a comprehensive summary of AFM211 compiled from lectures, lecture notes, and textbook readings.

I received an HD in this unit with a mark of 94, so these are notes are very high quality.

These notes mainly cover the theory component of this unit, as the practical part is covered thoroughly in the examples and solutions given throughout the unit. These notes will be extremely beneficial for the final exam, which examine a lot of the theory and their applications in the final exam.

The topics covered in these notes are:
Topic 1- Introduction/Revision
Topic 2 - Accounting for Assets
Topic 3 - Accounting for Inventory
Topic 4 - Accounting for Liabilities
Topic 5 - Accounting for Equity and Debt
Topic 6 - Statement of Comprehensive Income
Topic 7 - Company Income Taxes
Topic 8 - Statement of Cash Flows