Semester 2, 2018

Human Relationships (PSY350) Exam Notes

29 pages

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Both comprehensive and concise - written so that anyone can understand them with key terms always defined. My notes include a summary of both lectures and readings (included under a cohesive topic), tutorial summaries, and practice questions that I wrote myself (these are not the practice questions devised in tutorials).

These would be very useful for someone who is looking to have all their bases covered for the final exam.

Topics covered (the way I've written them are how I grouped them as opposed to lecture headlines - rest assured all lecture content is covered):
- Approaches to Human Relationships
- Psychology of Beauty
- Mate Selection
- Love & the Pair Bond
- Attachment Theory
- Relationship Cognition & Emotion
- Communication
- Friendship & Social Support
- Betrayal, Punishment & Forgiveness
- Psychopaths in Intimate Relationships
- Family Dynamics
- Sex and Sexuality
- Violence in Relationships
- Relationship loss and repair




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