Semester 2, 2017

Developmental Study Notes (D)

55 pages

19,900 words




Very comprehensive, covering the entire course content (as of 2017). Includes diagrams, tables and all explained in a way that makes sense to someone who has not done the course.

Broken up into lecture notes, theory evaluation, and revision questions (that I made myself). Would be an invaluable resource to anyone who wants all of their bases covered for the exam. Only thing it does not include is tutorial content.

Topics covered:
- Introduction to development
- Genetics
- Prenatal development and birth
- Physical & Perceptual development and Attunement
- Information Processing Model
- Social Cognition theory
- Piaget (theory)
- Temperament
- Emotional Regulation and Understanding
- Emotional Regulation and Attachment
- Context for Development - Parenting
- Gender Development
- Social cognition theories
- Adolescence and early adulthood
- Adulthood and aging
- Mid-life Crisis
- Aging
- Death & dying




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