PHYS30005 Muscle & Exercise Physiology - Skeletal Muscle Structure & Function; Muscle Injury; Muscle Regeneration; Skeletal Muscle Plasticity; Skeletal Muscle Fatigue; Ageing and Skeletal Muscle; Overview of Exercise Metabolism; Intracellular Signalling; Hormones and Exercise; Carbohydrate Metabolism during Exercise; Lipid Metabolism during Exercise; Protein Metabolism during Exercise; Pathways of Muscle Hypertrophy; Mechanisms of Atrophy; Nutritional Interventions to Promote Changes in Muscle Metabolism; Cancer Cachexia; Inflammation Signalling in Skeletal Muscle; Key Functional Proteins in Skeletal Muscle; Growth Promoting Agents; Oxygen Uptake during Exercise; Cardiovascular Responses to Exercise; Respiratory Response to Exercise; Maximal Oxygen Uptake; Temperature and Fluid Balance during Exercise; Physiological Determinants of Exercise Performance; Gene Therapy; Myogenesis: The Molecular Basis of Muscle Development; Myogenesis: From Stem Cells to Muscles; Transcriptional Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Stem Cells; Metabolic Remodelling of Skeletal Muscle Stem Cells


Semester 1, 2017

196 pages

45,098 words



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