A detailed composition of all relevant MMM267 examinable content. Studied in Trimester 2 2018. This document was compiled through the following sources; lecture slides, tutorials, textbook, additional reading and sound insight from the teaching team; Dr. Sukanto Bhattacharya and Dr. Murray Frazer. Using these notes will be the easiest way to ascertain a high distinction in this subject.


Week 2 - Purchasing Management and Supplier Relationships
Week 3 - Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing
Week 4 - Demand Forecasting
Contains unread posts
Week 5 - Resource Planning Systems
Week 6 - Inventory Management & Inventory Models
Week 7 - Process Management - Lean and Six Sigma in the Supply Chain
Week 8 - Global Location Decisions


Semester 2, 2018

25 pages

8,550 words



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