Semester 1, 2018

MAA104 Comprehensive Learning Objectives

28 pages

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A detailed composition of all learning objectives for MAA104. Studied in Trimester 1 2018. The LO's were compiled through the following sources; lecture slides, tutorials, textbook, additional reading and sound insight from our unit chair - Ms Tracey McDowall. Using these LO's will be the easiest way to ascertain a high distinction in this subject. The notes will especially help you in the exam, which is critical to your final grade.

Topics Covered Include;

Topic 1 Introduction to Financial Accounting and Managerial Finance
Topic 2 Understanding Financial Statements
Topic 3 Importance of Cash - Statement of Cash Flows
Topic 4 Financial Statement Analysis
Topic 5 Introduction to Management Accounting
Topic 6 Budgeting
Topic 7 Managing short term assets
Topic 8 The Australian Financial System
Topic 9 Types of investments
Topic 10 Types of finance
Topic 11 Company dividends and shares




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