Semester 1, 2018

HD ECON1006 Full Noteset

53 pages

12,856 words




Detailed noteset that covers all weeks content, from week 1-13, including all the research works. This noteset was used to get a 95/100 in the final exam, and a HD overall. This has been my favourite subject at university so far, and I truely believe this is reflected in my noteset.

Topic list:
W1 - Thought Process of an Economist
W2 - Altruism and Charitable Behaviour
W3 - Inequality
W4 - Economics and Games
W5 - Development Economics
W6 - The Economics of Crime and Punishment
W8 - Economics, Negative Externalities and the Environment
W9 - Economics and Gender
W11 - Economics and Food
W12 - Economics and Ethics




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