Semester 1, 2018

BUSS2000 HD Condensed Noteset

43 pages

11,622 words




Complete, detailed BUSS2000 Lecture notes. These were compiled weekly, and revised prior to the final exam, which I received a HD in. Notes are filled with diagrams to help facilitate your understanding. This noteset will be all you need for this course!

Topic list:
W1 - Face to face lecture
W2 - Individual differences: cognitive ability, personality, and emotional intelligence
W3 - Motivation and goal-setting
W4 - Career goals, values, and ethics
W5 - Theme 1 review and theme 2 introduction
W6 - Diversity and culture
W7 - Team and group processes
W8 - Managing perceptions and conflict
W9 - Theme 2 review and theme 3 introduction
W10- Leadership, power and influence
W11- Communication and feedback
W12- Career sustainability: managing relationships and stress
W13- Unit Recap




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