Semester 2, 2016

Doing Criminology Exam Notes

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Doing Criminology Exam Notes - weekly notes summarised into dot points in preparation for the exam

Topic List
Week One – Introduction and After-the-fact Method
Week Two – Science and Ideology + Before and After Method
Week Three – Control Group Method
Week Four – Applied Vs. Basic Research
Week Five - Rational & Empirical Evidence / Methods Examples
Week Six: The Role of Theory and Development of Accumulated Evidence and Knowledge and Operationalisation
Week Seven – Sampling: From Whom (and how) Do We Collect Evidence/Information
Week Eight - Survey Research: How to Ask the Right Questions
Week Nine - Correlation versus Evidence-of-Causation in Survey and Existing Data
Week Ten - Academics and CJ Practitioners Working Together - QPS LECTURE
Week Eleven - Advanced Topics, Qualitative Research, and Measurement Quality
Week Twelve – Gathering Evidence Ethically